Demo Day

Class of 2024 • Challenge 1
27 May 2024

This year, we’ve split the programme into 3 challenges—within each challenge, students will work on building an app that solves a different problem in groups. The goal of this first challenge is to build a single-feature iOS app that solves a problem in Singapore.

Thank you for supporting the programme.

This is an invite-only event. If you would like to invite a colleague, email us at

Event Details

Date: 27 May 2024

Time: 11am to 12:30pm

Registration opens at 10:45am.

Getting Here


Innovis, Level 3

2 Fusionopolis Way

Singapore 138634

Ushers will be at the lobby to assist you.


You may only take photos of the students and their work. These photos can only be for personal use.

Do not post any photos taken at Apple online/on social media.


This is a map of the student showcase booths around Apple. You can read more about each app below.

Showcased Apps

Prosperity Path

Hong Yu, Kayce, Felicia, Javius, Nathan & Tristan

An app that helps users to ease into the basics of financial literacy and money management through interactive scenarios, better equipping them with knowledge to more effectively manage their finances.


Vijai, Qi Yang, Angeline, Victor, Maurya & Kaung Myat

Our app gamifies MRT navigation, boosting locals' confidence while ensuring simplicity for easy use. This allows users to navigate MRT networks better.


Zen, Santosh, Kui Jun, Xi Yue & Siddharth

Tourist-friendly app for navigating Singapore's public transport. Includes informations on tourist passes, MRT/Bus schedules, and quizzes on fun facts. Perfect for first-time visitors to Singapore!


Elisha, Regan, Timothy, Sanath, Joshua & Ethan Gwee

Confused by "Kopi"? This app translates Singapore's coffee lingo and lets you order drinks hassle-free at hawker centers. Discovering new drinks with KopiMate is a breeze!

Red Dot Auto

Calvin, Sophia, Ted, Avyan & Zicheng

Never break a law in Singapore again with Red Dot Auto! Roleplay scenarios showing the consequences for breaking laws so you'll know what not to do when visiting Singapore!

On My Way

Madhan, Fengyi, Christine, Dhanush & James

On My Way is a helper app for dementia patients, helping them better contact their caregiver and navigate home.


Bryan, Yanxi, Axelia, Dhanvin & Samuel

NYTE offers soothing sounds and music to help working adults relax and sleep better. Improve your rest with our sleep-enhancing app to-NYTE!


Brandon, An Yi, Yueyang, An Zhi & Jacob

A fun and interactive app to teach and prevent the elderly from getting scammed.


Sarah, Ishika, Pavithraa, Andrew & Tansen
FoodFinder simplifies dining for foreigners in Singapore by offering diverse cuisine options like Chinese, Western, and Indian food. Users can filter food by cuisine preference, before finding information about their favorite restaurants.


Sophie, Hahuri, Xianlin, Kenzie & David

JourneyGenie helps leisure tourists travel from popular tourism landmarks to other tourism landmarks using Singapore's convenient public transport system


Darshan, Kenji, Lili, Yuk Jun & Samyak

Discover food with iHawker! Get random dish ideas, find hawker centres in Singapore, explore stalls, see menus and prices.


Avril, Kylie Tan, Jake, Kmy & Vidisha

HistoryQuest is an educational and kid-friendly trivia app. Learn about Singapore's history by exploring historical locations and answering questions about them!

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